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Am Ch Can BIS BVISS MBVIS GChB Zesta Shiver Me Timbur JTV CGN CHIC

Can Ch Zesta Showin' It Up ROMC x Can Ch Zesta Blacken Blue ROMC

April 27, 2013 


15 1/2" | Bi-factored | Non-white factored | CHIC 161316

OFA Good | Eyes CERF Normal

MDR-1 & vWD clear

002:01/002:01 aaBB 

Timbur is the resident bad dog who, luckily, hasn't passed on his bad habits to too many other residents here. He has really just gotten better with age, completing his first agility title at nearly 10 and sitting on six Best Veteran in Show awards. While he hasn't made any kids here (yet), we are happy to see his virtues come through in some of his distant relations and will hopefully incorporate him in soon! 

Champion Progeny:

Can Ch Zesta Cover StoryPorter

Can GChS Avoca Force of Nature RI CGN SDN PCD - Spruce

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