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Hi - I'm Terryn!

I have always had shelties. A sheltie preceded me as my parent's first "child", and I fondly recall a sheltie from Shelgrande as part of the family while growing up. So, when it was time to get my first dog, there was no doubt it had to be a sheltie. 

Timbur came home in 2013 from Zesta Shelties, and was shown to his Canadian Championship by Jenn deBoer of Zesta. He is my first show dog and the inspiration behind Jetset Shelties. 

Since Timbur joined my family, have participated in conformation dog shows, and have dabbled in agility, scent detection, and obedience. The Jetset pack has grown, and I am excited to see what comes next for us! 

Best in Show Sheltie
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